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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  September 23, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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pg&i help customerss, how with their there's different rates to fit different needs, so listening is a huge part of my job. because customers want to know that you hear them. they have kids, they have families, they have priorities. i definitely understand that. i have three children, i was a stay at home mom, i didn't have money to pay the bills, and so i put myself in their shoes. and i'm going to do all that i can to lower their bills and to help their situation. to choose the rate plan that works best for your family, visit together, we're building a better california. you're looking live now. this is charlotte, north carolina, a midnight curfew has begun. those are aerial pictures.
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we don't have control of them but get you to the ground in just moments. just about one minute after a curfew is in place. i'm don lemon, thanks for joining us, carry you through the hours. police said last night wouldn't enforce the curfew as long as protests were peaceful. watching to see if holds up tonight. mayor of charlotte is asking candidates to stay away for now and both agreed. brian todd and boris are out again covering this. curfew in place. let's go to brian todd first, i see action, what is going on? >> reporter: well, don, extraordinary moment a little while ago just before the curfew the crowd at epicenter of trade and tryon streets and started to move past that intersection and
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a large crowd and another large crowd joined them. really just doubled at time of curfew. we don't know where that other crowd came from. boris and i have been following this crowd all night. the most sizeable and another group joined from another street on the left. came upon the scene, all cheered, started marching and stopped here. now on the move again. extraordinary. last night, you got a sense that by the curfew period protests starting to dissipate, took a couple more hours. now grown at time of curfew, see how the police react and protesters react to that. keep hitting home the theme they've gone through all night long. not satisfied with the police explanation of why the body cam tapes not released. expressed that at police station.
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close to an hour held a street debate on the best way to go about doing this and now on the move again. dynamic here got the much more energetic. >> i want to see what is happening where boris is. brian todd saying the numbers have grown right around curfew time. appears that more protesters showed up on the scene. bohr boris is what is happening at your vantagepoint. >> standing a block and a half away from where brian is now, and as the group started leaving the police station and curfew went into effect, some protesters got left behind and started their own thing. right behind us a few moments ago, sing gospel songs and music is playing across the street and gathering of faith leaders and some people sitting in street
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refusing to move, blocking traffic and right beside them is national guard waiting and monitoring the situation. demonstration is taking on several different angles here. want to bring in a guest. chewy with you were one of the people who who hugged the national guard yesterday. are you proud of the city of charlotte now. >> i'm proud of how we're growing together. first we have to come together with clear minds and conscious, if we want peaceful outcome come to it with peace or won't get anywhere. problem is millennials as we're cornerstoned, never get a chance, we can go about it the right way, give us a chance. yesterday we had peace. i was one of the pirs people, we
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hugged national guard because he's person just like us. one told me he listened to me on the radio but can't break stance. may not be able to get a job and turned life over to protect us and protect us from ourselves. being a young person we have to enrich ourselves. sometimes we getd stuck and don't understand the laws and get upset. we have to know how to change them and go about it the right way. >> boris sanchez, sorry, technical difficulties. brian you're at scene where most of the protesters have shown up. more protesters after the curfew is in effect, six minutes into the midnight hour, what is happening now? >> reporter: one of the protest leaders just asked crowd to turn left. may be making a pivot. that's how it's gone tonight with the leadership of this.
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i've noticed four or five different people who have taken the lead in organizing this thing. one of them has just asked the crowd to turn. rick hall, my photojournalist guy, we have to turn this way. sorry. this is what we're doing tonight. have to get our bearings with team and follow where the protesters are going and really don't know that from one minute to the next. just turned left here on graham street in charlotte. looking at crowd, back at rear echelons of the crowd, it's got to be several hundred people strong. i'm guessing 500 at very least. again the energy has grown in the last few minutes, just at time of the evening when sometimes the energy has dissipated a little bit but right now very energetic, just stopped here. regrouping for speeches and chants. to your left you can show a
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little bit of that from a bit of an elevated point. sorry gentlemen, excuse us. don this is what they've done all night. not lost energy, walk a good mile, mile and a half, turn and stop, regroup and someone else takes lead. starts chants and calls for justice and calls against the police. again they keep hitting home, release the tapes. chanting that all night as well. here we go, on the move again. >> as you're on the move brian, are the protesters talking about video released by the wife of keith scott? >> reporter: interestingly enough they talk about it, how dramatic it is. but really talking about most the fact that the police have not released the dash cam and body cam tapes. really what they're talking about. want transparency, losing patience with the authorities here in chal ot. we talked about how charlotte
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mayor janet roberts says unless and until the tapes are released expects more protest in the streets and seen the leadership of the city talk about who has custody of the tapes and bandy that around with each other. giving the sense none of them want kuft yoedian ship of the tapes. told the police have it. the protesters want for whoever has the tapes release them so people can see them and make judgments for themselves. that's what keith scott's family and attorneys have talked about. get it out there so people can make judgments for themselves. that family released their video tape shot by keith scott's wife in the interest of transparency. want people to interpret it. not talking about the tape released but those not released.
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>> stand by brian. let you get back to your reporting. bring in st. louis, and long island guests. former police officers. as the police are out there, national guard is out there, according to our reporters out there, looks like more people have shown up, defying this curfew, david klinger, but as city officials have said, police brass, as long as it's peaceful they'll let them continue. >> if they have set up for lack of better term rules of engagement for when to move against people. it makes perfect sense to see the flow of the people. why the additional group of several hundred or whatever your reporter just stated have shown up, who knows. but so long as not doing anything that violates the law, i assume the police will give
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them quite a bit of wiggle room. >> is this standard procedure? would the new york police department handle this the same way for enforce the curfew and get everyone off the streets? >> nypd deals with demonstrations like this pretty often and over the years been able to craft what seems to work best depending on the tone and mood of the crowd and where they're going, how much disruption is taking place in pedestrian and vehicle traffic and whatnot. gist of this whole thing is they want the crowd to be able to exercise constitutional rights to protest right? but also want it to be a safe event where no one is getting injured and killed like what happened a couple nights ago. especially for police officers, safety is paramount, ensure it
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is a safe event. they'll let them -- go along with the flow. like last night, did issue a curfew and said as long as protesters were peaceful would work with them. until if something goes sideways going to have to take a stronger tone and maybe enforcement action to shut it down and enforce the curfew. if things go along the way they did last night, i imagine another peaceful night. i'm praying so. >> i want you to stand by. get to atlanta now. did you well this is a large crowd in north carolina and more people showed up. in atlanta, there is a protest as well. cnn's martin savidge, you've been there hours. where are you and what is happening now? >> reporter: we're still on the steps of the atlanta detention
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center. ended up. began at civil rights museum. made its way to the king center and came to the police department and next door to the correction center. focused here because mess ang to those inside, we know the conditions in which you're head. can see the lights flashing inside, inmates waving out of windows. all to send a message to law enforcement here that incarceration without reason, injustice and the events of the past week in charlotte, tulsa and even in atlanta according to protesters here is ghogt to be tolerated again. totally peaceful, well organized, disciplined, loud but only one small scuffle that took place as they came to the jail but now instructions are given to the crowd they will leave peacefully, organizers saying clean up after you, make this a
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better place than when you got here and stay on the sidewalks as you go. civil zpoe beadience coming in and law abiding leaving. message is this isn't the end but beginning of a movement. change that is needed, political activi activism, judicial system needs to change and minds of the police department and public also has to change. lot of people sharing hugs as they go. still realizing the reason they were here because of the black men killed by police. >> correspondents on the ground in charlotte as well. get to other breaking news. four people shot to death in mall in washington state, others injured. more on that after this. apping. you've been streaming my videos all morning. now you're with this thing?
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breaking news now, this is out of washington state tonight. as you can see, burlington, washington, affiliate como on the scene for us, four people shot to death at cascade mall in burlington. dead inside a macy's store. police say at least one shooter on the loose tonight.
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trooper rick johnson of the washington state patrol. what can you tell us? trooper johnson are you there? >> yes. i can hear you. >> can you give us the latest? >> what we have right now at 6:58 we received calls that there were shots fired in the cascade mall, just north of seattle in town called burlington. and right now we confirm that four are dead and just in the past ten or 15 minutes we have emf able to enter the mall to assess if there's additional injuries. we have the suspect or suspects still on the loose. multiple agencies, bomb canines just a lot of law enforcement in the area attempting to locate this individual or individuals that are responsible for this.
9:20 pm
>> we have a picture up trooper of the person you're looking for. can you describe to us -- looks like wearing a dark t-shirt. >> i'm having a problem hearing you. >> we have the photograph of the person you're looking for. can you hear me now. >> i can hear you now. >> photograph is up on our screen of the person you're looking for, dark t-shirt and hair, what else can you tell us about him or possible wra abouts. >> couple of different reports of him walking towards freeway or behind buildings, canvassing the area right now and information that we have right now at command post is that subject has not been located at this time. >> you said 6:58 police were called to the mall but what happened? four dead inside of macy's department store, so take us through what witnesses are saying happened.
9:21 pm
>> well obviously in shooter situations you want to find the shooter as quickly as you can. and responding officers obviously first want to contain the area. i'm not -- i don't have the information on how they entered that and discovered that first. i know that they were very intent on trying to find who was responsible for this. you know as quickly as they can. talked to mall security, mall manager, trying to still from what i understand, trying to clear every part of this structure. but they've secured it enough to where they can get ems inside to assess if there's other injuries that occurred in this incident. >> so you don't know if someone randomly walking through the mall or were they walking through one store where they targeting people or just random? >> yeah we don't have that information. it's hard to know. information we had initially is
9:22 pm
individual walked or was on foot. right now we can't assume anything. so they're still interviewing witnesses and trying to get a good idea of exactly, you know, what action to take next. we're just asking people to, obviously, stay away from the area. stay inside and obviously report anything suspicious that they may see. >> okay. and you said four dead but not sure of the number of people injured, correct? >> right. no information on if there's additional injuries right now. that's what they're trying to get the emfs inside the mall to asse assess. >> and he is armed obviously. didn't leave the gun at the scene? >> obviously there was a shooting so we have to assume at this point in time that whoever the individual or individuals are, that they're most likely still armed.
9:23 pm
>> okay. thank you trooper rick johnson of washington state patrol. here's what we know coming from burlington, washington in washington state. four people shot to death at cascade mall in burlington. dead are inside of a macy's department store. according to the trooper, unknown number of people wounded. just getting information from eyewitnesss and people in the mall, security and mall manager and so on. trooper rick johnson joined us by phone moments ago telling people to stay inside, away from the scene and if they have information to call. obviously this man is armed and dangerous. didn't leave the weapon there. there was no confrontation with anyone who was able to wrestle it away from him. discuss with former police officer david klinger and former new york city police detective
9:24 pm
tom verny. what happens in these situations? trooper said securing scene sand speaking to people and attend to the wounded. >> first is try to determine what you actually have. one of the problems in a situation like this where you have a large geographic area, as large as a mall or large structure and parking lot, talking about the geographic area. notion of trying to get ems in there after the police cleared, we're 2 or 2 1/2 hours into the situation if i have time line right and still don't have grasp on what went down. try to identify who else might be outstanding in terms of injury, attend to them and then try to identity the nature of the event that led to the murders. employee disgruntled, a boyfriend who killed a
9:25 pm
girlfriend and another lover? could be a number of things. he used term active shooter. right now not active shooting scene so static but suspect or suspects could be still on the property or could escaped. they have to figure out what is going on and then move forward. it's going to take a while to figure it out. >> just covering not long ago the stabbing in st. cloud mall last weekend and now with situation now with gunman on the loose, give us your expertise as to what happens now. >> here we are again, another friday night. can't go to a mall. it's just unbelievable what is happening in this country, it's frightening to be honest. and like dave was mentioning, have to go through all the steps. obviously want to tend to the wounded and get them medical attention as quickly as possible
9:26 pm
and also assume because it's mall, quite a bit of video surveillan surveillance. >> that's how they got the picture of the suspect, put it up again. dark t-shirt, they're saying hispanic man, young. we don't know. that's the picture we have. not to cut you off, we're going to get to break and discuss this and another breaking news in charlotte and atlanta. a mall shooting in washington state, four people dead, others wounded. police saying an armed gunman is on the loose and asking people to take precaution. well somewhere along the way, emily went right on living. but you see, with the help of her raymond james financial advisor, she had planned for every eventuality. ...which meant she continued to have the means to live on... ...even at the ripe old age of 187.
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for the future and for the kids. - the income of airbnb really helped to mitigate the stress. - but we have that flexibility of knowing that if you know things get worse, we have this to help keep us afloat. - so that's very, very important for us. all right back now with more of our breaking news. going to keep on eye on the shooting in washington state where four people are dead. also breaking news in charlotte where family of keith lamont scott is releasing cell phone video of the confrontation, hoping for truth and transparency. check in with panel.
9:31 pm
bakari to your first, what are you hearing from people in the community, been out there in the streets about the new cell phone video released by the family. >> ractcheted up the distrust. can tell you this much. it's problem that the chief of police and also the mayor have proven to be incompetent and hiding the ball at best. what you see is protesters out there just fighting for justice. not a lot of trust in the system. >> incompetent, harsh words. laura would you say considering the actions they're incompetent. >> i don't know if they're incompetent but what they're doing is punting in a way that's making people feel distrustful, the police chief a few days ago said had no intention of ever handing over the police footage with the basis you don't want to
9:32 pm
view the last moments of someone's life. and then changed tune because the video was unconclusive. then came out today, i would show you but now it's in hands of bureau of investigators, it's constant punting of the ball and people feel they're getting runaround and justified feeling that way but it is true that some people, it's changing hands in the investigation. but i don't think should go as far as say they're incompetent but certainly is cause for mistrust. >> he's on the ground and that's probably assessment of the people on the ground, frustrated. and bakari says it creates more questions. and i think you believe that because it looks like it favors the police officers. >> it does. you're a prosecutor and have the role of using a grand jury for example, you're accused of being
9:33 pm
able to indict a ham sandwich because you can curate and selectively decide what goes before your grand jury to make sure the initial conclusion that there's guilt to be found will be found. the officers here have been releases information, narrative given by the police chief at odds with the family's rendition of what happened, and then releasing of things lie by the way had gun and by the way had dna and by the way had blood on it. now when video is released set up a foregone conclusion to support one narrative over the other. that's not fair and not supposed to happen in a transparent system. >> bakari, i cut you off. go ahead. >> when you talk to the protesters and them saying it's incompetence or distrust, talk to them they say haven't seen the mayor out here in the streets. oh, the police chief now stated
9:34 pm
that things -- it was in the hands of somebody else and that agency says no it's in the hands of the charlotte police department. won't release the video but channel 9 gets a still shot of the gun and police confirm it's a quote, unquote gun. people out here, it's simple, want justice, want to know what happened to mr. scott. they don't believe. they saw what happened in tulsa where the police lied and in charleston where the officer lied. it would be a lot easier, i think the mayor and chief the police could save their city a lot of drama by being transparent. >> if i could add. i agree with you in that respect. one thing that makes people raise eyebrows at police department is this. there's video footage released. i don't know if it's police but that helped officers arrest and identify a suspect in the death
9:35 pm
of a young man killed, civilian at protest a few days ago. took two days to resolve that issue, do all the interviews they needed and now that can't do that in situation of not a civilian suspect but officer. people are seeing this hypocrisy when you line them up together. also heard people now so distrustful as to believe that death of the young man jonathan karr was at hands of officer. that's fuelled by the distrust. whether it's true or not, don't have indication but that's how far we've gone into distrust that could be fixed with transparency. >> breaking news in charlotte, north carolina and also out of washington state we're going to continue to update. in washington state been a mall shooting. four people dead and others injured. following the breaking news in
9:36 pm
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the popular cnn original
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series ""kicks off. talks politic over vietnamese cuisine over none other than barack obama, so happy to have anthony bordane here tonight. >> good to be here. we'll talk about that. i love to talk to you about current events. you travel around the world. what do you think of what you're seeing in tulsa and charlotte and revolving around race and protests. >> been on the planet for a long time and never seen the country so polarized, never seen -- look, to me black lives matter seems like reasonable sentiment, i don't see it seems inately threatening or even racist to a lot of angry white people and i don't get that. but i think the level of anger
9:41 pm
and fear currently going on in the country is worrying to me and seeing in some ways the result. just did a show in rome, shot all with mussolini era and just after architecture. it seems loo like a timely setting. >> for what is going on currently in politics in the united states. >> i think a lot of people have looking for a man on a horse to lead us out of thisuation. any man will do. >> is this dangerous? >> i do think so. >> talk about the first episode and you sit down with president barack obama in hanoi and talk about the proposed wall between mexico and the united states. let's listen. >> you said turning inwards, actually talking about building a wall around our country yet you've been reaching out to people who don't necessarily
9:42 pm
agree with us, gaza, iran, cuba, i wish more americans had passports. extent to which you can see how other people live is useful at worst and pleasurable and interesting at best. >> it confirms the basic truth that people everywhere are pretty much the same. same hopes and dreams. come to vietnam and see former vets coming back, john kerry and mccain, different politically and temperamentally but able to bond in experience of meeting with former adversaries. you don't make peace with your friends but your enemies. >> you don't make peace with your friends but you make peace with your enemies. that's striking considering where we aring right now and what he's in the middle of too. >> funnily enough i asked him straight up, only half jokingly,
9:43 pm
is it okay i'm friended with ted nugent who has said deeply offensive personal things about the president. he said right away of course, that's exactly who you should be talking to. he seemed tolerant and forgiving of the people who hate him and resigned and even understanding it. >> and that's the kind of person that he -- shows the kind of person that zbles he was very relaxed. very much looking forward i think -- i asked him at one point do you miss going to bar and having a beer and not having anybody hafting you. >> he said in just about six months. >> able to do it. and what were people's reactions? >> served -- >> regular clientele. what was reaction? >> people just freaked out han oiens within come up to me in
9:44 pm
tears of disbelief and pride that the president of the united states chose to eat a local specialty. not a national dish lie fho. sit on low stool and drink a hanoi peer. could not believe it and so proud and moved. i hant anticipated that at all. >> in six months, he probably craves that after the steak dinners and tuxedos. >> and very nostalgic about southeast asia, spent time in indonesia as young man. do you smell the street food? >> yes reminds me. >> he likes the flavors. >> you've been planning for about a year. >> yes. >> but called up a day before to confirm? >> we knew. two or three at production
9:45 pm
company, no one at network but the camera guys, press core, restaurant owner, no one knew until 12 minutes before it happened. >> what with as that like? >> when white house tells you to keep a secret you do. >> you've done a lot of stuff. was this one of the coolest? >> it was pretty cool. it was fun and very strange and sort of thing i never in a million years could have anticipated being part of or doing. tickled. >> to get to the white house, takes a pretty special person don't you think? what did you learn about him? >> i'm not a reporter for foreign policy specialist, spoke him as farj. like him a father of a young woman. little girl in my case. as enyou thuz yaft for southeast asia and as system.
9:46 pm
didn't go beyond my belief much but got a sense of guy who is comfortable with where he is right now. who really enjoyed being able to relax and eat kind of like a normal person. he was not in and out. had seconds and enjoyed that beer. next day shot under a corrugated tin roof in a crummy part of town at little stand selling gum and cigarettes and he just seemed comfortable. that was surprising. >> self-possessed, what else do you have to accomplish? president of the united states. been there, done that. >> dines with president barack obama in vietnam on the season premier of "parts unknown" sunday night at 9:00 here on cnn. marco...! sì? polo! marco...!
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9:51 pm
the protests. what's going on? >> the protests have stopped. a good chance this protest maybe breaking up a bit. they stopped here at the place where it started, corner of college and cray street by the omni hotel. this is where some people have drawn the names, victims of police violence on the names of the sidewalk here, a lot of drawings. people expressing themselves. two people that came from out of town, good to meet you. julius and april. you have been here 15 years. what made you want to come out. >> once we seen the peaceful march we wanted to come out and be peaceful and let our voices be heard and let people know you can demonstrate and protest peacefully. >> april, what about you? >> the other night i seen the public defender mr. touissant on the news and i saw his passion
9:52 pm
and drive and i thought the professional people out here and i seen last night it was peaceful. this is my first protest and i thought let me give it a try and it was a great experience. >> reporter: you are out of town. how would you compare the relationship between the african-american community with the police than your hometown. >> the police here are better in detroit. the police in detroit this may have been blown out of proportion even worse. >> thank you for talking to us. end of a long night walking. i think we're all losing a lot of weight. the protest seems to be dissipating. it is quieted now. boy, they were spirited. an hour ago you had 400, 500 people walking in a loud, spirited chanting march calling for the release of the police
9:53 pm
tapes. we will see if this brings that about. >> thank you. another update on some other breaking news out of washington state right now. police now say three people have been shot to death in the cascade mall in burlington. that was an update that came out moments ago. it was originally reported as four and they have updated the number. three people killed in that mall shooting. at least two wounded. it happened 7 p.m. local time. police say the shooter, armed with a long gun, is on the loose tonight. back with me david clinger and tom bernie. they have updated the numbers now. still he's on the loose with a long gun. obviously armed and dangerous. it's going to tabke some time t find him. what do they do now? is this all on the lookout what's happening?
9:54 pm
>> i think there will be an issue of preventing the suspect from getting access to other victims, but it strikes me, based upon the numbers that are fairly low for a shooting in a public place this was ooet area business dispute or interpersonal dispute, lovers or something like that, that changes the dynamic in terms of what police need to do. they will probably develop information on who this individual is in rather short order opposed to a stranger situation and deliver assets to the locations where this person is more likely to go than not. >> we don't know but chances are, in your estimation, this is as we call it or as law enforcement refers to at this time as a domestic? >>. >> as far as domestic dispute, yeah. >> it could very well be a domestic dispute. we do, and dave could appreciate
9:55 pm
this as well but a lot of domestic disputes end in terrible vooils such as this. it is too early to tell. i don't know if we have enough information to extrapolate that. but any witnesses there, friends or people that were with, people who were killed or injured are going to be able to help the investigation. hopefully someone in this day and age got it on their cell phone. they take video of everything else. along with the video they will obtain from the mall, hopefully someone may have cell phone video of this and maybe other video. traffic surveillance in the area they can try to get as much video as they can within the mall, outside the mall, and the immediate area. a wide net. i believe one of the officers you had on earlier talked about this is somewhat of a remote location. only so many ways in or out of
9:56 pm
there. maybe try to block off roads and what have you. >> thank you. we'll be right back, everyone. it's scary when the lights go out. people get anxious and my office gets flooded with calls.
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we are back.
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we have been following a number of breaking news stories out of charlotte and washington state. we will update you on those stories. stay tuned to cnn. thank you for watching. we will see you back here sunday night at 11:00 with a preview of the first presidential debate. sheing the moments before and after the shooting. police officers yell at scott to drop the gun. the family maintains there was no gun. that scott was sitting in his truck waiting for his son to come home from school. a source close to the investigation says the gun police say they recovered was loaded and had fingerprints, blood and dna that matched up with scotts. it's important to note the forevi


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